Manufacturing and Design Services

Dedicated Production Team

Our production team consists of about 350 full-time employees, including dedicated personnel for component and material procurement, component installation, operation of various machines for production automation, product assembly, inspection and testing of function and workmanship, and packaging of finished products. There are also quality auditing and assurance staff at each predetermined stage. We attach great importance to the training and continuing education of our team members, including managerial personnel and production line workers, in order to keep ourselves abreast of the most up-to-date management skills and the most advanced production techniques.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We have advanced production equipment for component installation (including surface mount equipment, through-hole equipment and COB bonding machines), product assembly and testing, and final packaging. These include both manually operated machines and fully automated equipment. Depending on the nature and volume of production, we use either operator assisted component location cut and clinch machines, or high volume DIP and axial insertion machines, or fine pitch pick-n-place equipment. Some of the equipment are imported from the United States and Japan. If we don't have proper equipment for a specific production, we are willing to invest in what is necessary to keep us competitive. We routinely develop custom manufacturing and testing tooling for specific projects, to guarantee the quality of production and to reduce cost.

Surface Mount Equipment

We are continuing upgrading our equipment to keep up with the demands of increasingly complicated circuit boards. We use advanced pick-n-place surface mount equipment, capable of placing all types of surface mount components including fine-pitch and high lead count components. We also use automatic solder paste equipment and infrared reflow soldering ovens that will ensure consistent manufacturing results.

Through-Hole Equipment

Our through-hole equipment can handle axial lead insertion, DIP IC Insertion and operator assisted through-hole insertion. This enables us to make products with odd components or special requirements, and manufacture through-hole products quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

Test Equipment

To ensure delivering products free of defects, we have invested in advanced test equipment, including in-circuit test equipment and other test and calibration devices.

Advanced Technologies

We have been re-inventing ourselves continuously through the years, keep up with the most advanced technologies and methods in electronics design, development, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, etc. In addition to employer-aided education programs for our engineers and managerial staff, our production workers participate in on-site and/or off-site training regularly. Some core personnel are sent to necessary training classes, fully paid each year.

Strict Quality Assurance System: ISO9001 and Further

Our quality assurance system conforms to ISO9001, and we always go steps further. The strict quality auditing and inspection starts from product design, through every stage in material management and production, all the way to packing and delivery.

Through the whole manufacturing process, quality auditing and inspection are performed at each predetermined checkpoints, to weed out any potential defects as early as possible. Our quality assurance and responsibility systems keeps detailed records of the inspection results at each strategic stage and tracks down possible quality issues to individual operators. In-process inspections and final inspection are conducted for every piece of product that comes out of our production line.

Full Testing Services

We perform minimal power testing, full functional testing and other testing required by the clients, including accelerated environmental testing, vibration/shock testing, etc. Tested assemblies are inspected for component values at predetermined inspection points and inspected 100% for workmanship, while untested assemblies are inspected 100% for components and workmanship. We recommend that the products be tested completely, so that they are free of defects and ready for integration into their end product or ready for sale to customers.

Beyond Industry Standard Warranty

We offer the most generous warranty in the industry for all products that we manufacture. Warranty terms and conditions vary with the nature of products and with the client's specific requests, but we always offer beyond the industry standard and guarantee 100% satisfaction from both small and big clients.

Serving Low, Medium and High Volume Production

We have proper equipment and facilities to handle low, medium and high volume production. As examples, we manufactured specialized display parts with USB interface and flash memory for a medical application, with an annual volume of only 5000 pieces; we designed and manufactured an ultrasonic humidifier for the consumer market, with an annual volume of 800,000 pieces. Though we have full capacity of producing large volume products, we keep our flexibility of making small volume products for any market segments.

Accommodating Any Scheduling Systems

We can work with simple ordering and delivery systems as well as semi-automated or full-automated production scheduling systems. We are willing to accommodate whatever you use in your system.

Timely Delivery

We know how important it is to delivery your products on time, since your customers are also waiting! We guarantee timely delivery for all our products. Some clients are willing to use their own forwarder and shipper for delivery; we respect their decision. Many find it convenient to let our shipping department to handle shipping and export for them. In either case, we can help you with all shipping, export and import formalities where applicable, making it an efficient and inexpensive process. We do consider this part of the manufacturing process, and treat it as seriously as we treat other manufacturing processes.