Smart Embedded Switch ES-01

Product Functionality:

Wireless Smart Switch (Embedded Type, 8A) is a new communication device based on ZigBee / SmartRoom protocol. You can control the switch remotely via smart mobile terminals, and can realize timing control to turn lights on/off at the time you have set. Meanwhile, it integrates with home decoration perfectly, and also brings a smart life.

Product Instruction

·         Supports ZigBee/SmartRoom HA agreement.

·         Prepare type: repeater.

·         No need to wiring, installation is convenient.

·         Manipulation is simple and flexible.

·         With delicate appearance.

Product in Technical Specification

·         Communication IEEE802.15.4ZigBee/SmartRoom

·         Communication Distance 100mvisible

·         Power Supply 220V

·         Working Temperature -10~+55