Smart Dimmer Switch


Product Functionality:

Wireless Dimmer Switch Series (One-way, L Type) supports the ZigBee/SmartRoom protocol. By making linkages with binding switches, several switches can control one light or one switch can control several lights. Various decorative switch panels are available to meet your taste. You can remotely control the devices via mobile smart terminals, or by manually pressing the switch buttons directly.

Product Instruction                   

·         Supports ZigBee/SmartRoom HA agreement.

·         Convenient installation, support for multiple installations.

·         New appearance design, closer to home life.

·         Detection is wider, the maximum extent to protect home security.

·         Can be used with the related alarm equipment linkage, through the mobile intelligent terminal for remote monitoring.

Product in Technical Specification

·         Communication IEEE802.15.4ZigBee/SmartRoom

·         Communication Distance 100mvisible

·         Power Super 110~240V

·         Working Temperature -10~+55