Lighting Control

This smart lighting system can create different lighting colors as per various requirements, and adjust your lighting intensity automatically. Moreover, working with other sensors, it can detect people motion, turns lights on; and when people leave, turn lights off, it is very smart and energy-saving. 

Smart Wall Switch (Aus, WS-A-01)

Smart Dimmer SW (Aus/Brazil DS-A-B-01)

Smart Dimmer Switch

Smart Touch Switch TS-01

Smart Touch Switch TS-02
Smart Touch Switch TS-L-N-01
Smart Touch Switch TS-L-N-02

 Smart Wall Switch SWS-02
Smart Wall Switch SWS-03
 Smart Embedded Switch ES-01
 Smart Switch S-01

 Smart Switch S-02
 Smart Switch S-03
 Smart Rainbow Bulb RB-01

Smart Rainbow Bulb RB-02

Smart Bulb B7-01

Smart Wall Switch BRAZIL WS-B-01

Smart Wall Switch BRAZIL WS-B-02
Smart Wall Switch USA WS-USA-01