Smart Contact Sensor SCS-01


Product Functionality:

SmartRoom Wireless Door/Window Magnetic Sensor establishes a new safety shield for smart home system. Wherever you are, you won’t be bothered by unexpected visitors. The main body and magnetic part are installed at two sides of the door / window / drawer respectively, and alerting signals will be sent to your smart phones in the event of the door or window is opened illegally. Moreover, it will trigger other warning devices to threaten illegal behaviors.

Product Instruction                   

·         Beautiful appearance

·         Small size

·         Appearance design is contracted.

·         Easy to use

·         Wireless control, open compatible

·         Energy conservation and environmental protection

·         Widely used

Product in Technical Specification

·         Communication IEEE802.15.4ZigBee/SmartRoom

·         Communication Distance 100mvisible

·         Power Super                               Battery

·         Working Temperature -10~+45