Smart Contact Sensor CS-01


Product Functionality:

Wireless Door/Window Magnetic Sensor adopts latest energy-saving technology, and thus its standby time is over half year. You can install the main part and the magnetic part at the both sides of the door / window / drawer, and your smart phones will receive warning messages when the door / window / drawer are opened illegally. Meanwhile, it will trigger other warning devices like Wireless Sound & Light Alarm to threaten illegal behaviors.

Product Instruction

·        Support ZigBee/SmartRoom agreement

·        Through all kinds of mobile intelligent terminals, wireless remote control

·        Super long standby time, energy conservation, environmental protection, small size strong concealment

·        Installation is convenient, simple, flexible steering


Product in Technical Specification

·         Communication Protocol IEEE802.15.4ZigBee/SmartRoom

·         Power Parameters 3V

·         Power Supply Mode DC 1xCR2 Battery

·         Power Consumption/Current Current when contacted: 2μA / Current when detached :5μA

·         Other Related Parameters Alarm Distance: 15mm

·         Output Power 3.5dbm

·         Antenna Gain 2.2dbi

·         Receiving Sensitivity -90dbm

·         Working Temperature -10+45

·         Net Weight 55g