Smart Thermostat TC-01


Product Functionality:

Wireless Temperature Controller is a product based on ZigBee/SmartRoom protocol. It is used to control central air conditioning. User can monitor and control temperature changes in a specific region via mobile terminals.


Product Instruction

·         Wireless technology, wire for you save trouble, intelligent design, operating more simple;

·         With any based on ZigBee/SmartRoom HA compatible standard to build smart home system;

·         Automatic storage data function, more convenient management control.

Product in Technical Specification

·         Communication Protocol IEEE802.15.4ZigBee/SmartRoom

·         Power Parameters 110-240V 50/60Hz

·         Power Supply Mode AC

·         Power Consumption/Current Standby Power Consumption 0.5W Max Power: 2W

·         Other Related Parameters Supported Control Mode: Fan Coil Control

·         Output Power 3.5dbm

·         Antenna Gain 2.2dbi

·         Receiving Sensitivity -90dbm

·         Working Temperature -10+45

·         Net Weight 165g