Smart Controller Curtain CC-01


Product Functionality:

Wireless Curtain Controller is a new product based on ZigBee/SmartRoom technology. It is mainly used to turn on/off the curtain. Except for manual operation, users can also control the curtain remotely through mobile terminals anytime and anywhere.

The controller can be widely used. Besides smart home, it can also be used in smart hospital, hotel, building, breeding, etc.

Product Instruction                   

·         Supports ZigBee/SmartRoom HA agreement;

·         Device type: repeater;

·         No need to wiring, installation is convenient;

·         Manipulation is simple and flexible.

Product in Technical Specification

·         Communication IEEE802.15.4ZigBee/SmartRoom

·         Communication Distance 100mvisible

·         Power Super 110~240VAC

·         Working Temperature -10~+45