Smart Siren SG-01


Product Functionality:

Based on SmartRoom technology, Wireless Sound & Light Alarm co-works with other security protection devices in case of emergency. It works as a siren. The red light area flashes and sound alert area will be triggered when there is abnormal situation. Meanwhile, your mobile smart terminals will receive warning messages to improve your home security to maximum extent.

Product Introduction

·         Support ZigBee HA agreement

·         High stability, sensitivity, an emergency can be carried out effectively and promptly report to the police

·         Through all kinds of mobile intelligent terminal, remote wireless control equipment

·         Simple installation, convenient operation

Technical Specification:

·         Communication Protocol IEEE802.15.4ZigBee/SmartRoom

·         Power Parameters 110-240V 50/62Hz

·         Power Supply Mode L+N or 3xAA Battery

·         Power Consumption/Current Standby Current ≤50μA (powered by battery) Standby Power Consumption 0.3W (powered by AC)

·         Other Related Parameters Alarm Current: 200mA Alarm Decibels (at 2m): 80dB

·         Output Power 3.5dbm

·         Antenna Gain 2.2dbi

·         Receiving Sensitivity -90dbm

·         Working Temperature -10+45

·         Net Weight 260g