Smart Home Solutions

We proudly introduce our smart home solutions based on ZigBee and Z-wave technology to our commercial partners and domestic clients in New Zealand and around the world. Our wide range of home automation catalogues covers everything that will help you to build a future smart home. Our goal is to keep your home smart.

Benetek(NZ) is a global leading supplier of IoT devices and solutions provider based on ZigBee and Z-wave wireless communication technology. Benetek is dedicated to independent R&D, manufacture, promotion and operation of IoT smart home systems. Benetek also provides personalized Internet of Things solutions for customers, including smart home, smart building, smart hotel, smart breeding, smart agriculture, etc.

With a decade of development experience, Benetek has established a whole set of manufacture and R&D specification standards and quality control system for electronic products. It has also created the professional environment which is oriented to product design, development and test, including reflow soldering production line, assembly line and test line. The current product range involves intelligent sensors, intelligent control, intelligent lighting, intelligent security, intelligent gardening and others. They are widely used in different areas such as smart home, transportation and logistics, environmental protection, public security, intelligent fire detection, industrial monitor, health care and wearable devices.

Our Products:

Smart Home DIY Kits


            Introducing the Benetek Smart Home DIY Kits, a starter pack for everybody to experience the future style living, with the help of our selected four Smart                Home Devices. It is included a Smart Camera, a Contact Sensor, a Motion Detector and an Infrared extender, to meet the most basic functions of a Smart             Living.


The Smart Home System takes wireless gateway as its core and enables sensors and controllers to connect with each other, so as to build a complete IoT smart home system as well as accomplish control timely and remotely. With wireless repeaters, the wireless network signal coverage area is expanded to guarantee the whole system working smoothly and steady.
This smart lighting system can create different lighting colors as per various requirements, and adjust your lighting intensity automatically. Moreover, working with other sensors, it can detect people motion, turns lights on; and when people leave, turn lights off, it is very smart and energy-saving. 
Various remote controllers for different appliances could be abandoned form your life now! Through appliance control systems, you can use smartphone to control electrical appliances remotely, such as switch on/off, timing, etc. You can also have a very clear understanding of the appliances working status and their energy consumption. 
Now it is capable to open and close doors/windows anywhere and anytime without keys! When family members forget to bring their keys, you just need to use your smart phones to open it for them. When there are illegal activities, door and window will close automatically to protect your property and contents.
By using IOT smart home security system, safety apparatus could efficiently interwork with each other. For instance, when there is flammable gas leakage, the gas detector would detect the abnormality and trigger the Siren. Thus, Siren would send alarm information and the flammable gas valve close automatically. at the same time ventilation system and doors/windows are opened. There is no need to worry any more.
The Contact Sensors, IR Motion Detectors and other sensors provides comprehensive protection for your home. When there invasion, your smart phone will receive alarm immediately so that you could call the police to prevent illegal activities and protect your property and contents. Smoke Detector, Flammable Gas Detector and other sensors could detect the concentration of smoke and flammable gas in your home. Once an abnormality occurs, you will be informed of the alarm information and could take protective measures like devices linkage.
Our vision is to realize a low carbon, environment friendly and healthy daily life. With air quality detector, PM2.5 detector, temperature and humidity sensor, water logging sensor, noise detector, light sensor and various detectors, users can know the indoor environment quality in real time

When someone presses the doorbell button, you smartphones will receive messages wherever you are so that you won't miss any visitors. When it is treated as emergency button, the elderly or children can take it with a sling. Alerts can be triggered once the emergency button is pressed and family members can receive messages from smartphones, and response to emergency at the first time to save life and protect home security.
When we are outside for working, we could still take good care of family members by wireless monitoring system, especially for children or old people.

If someone breaks into the house, the wireless monitoring system will start to record and send pictures to user's mobile terminals. User can deter the intruder immediately by siren remote control through smartphone, and the recorded video could be provided as evidence to the police.  
Smart Irrigation System can realize remote control, linkage control, timing control through smart phones, Combined with soil humidity sensor or light sensor, you can enjoy real automatic irrigation. when you go out, you do not have to worry about the plants any more, and our smart Gardening System could take care of them. 
Our sensors can also be applied to the smart buildings, smart hotels, smart shopping malls and the other fields, such as the Wireless Parking Sensor can apply to a hotel and an office to form a smart parking system and make full use of parking lots as well as save labour cost at the same time. Moreover, Wireless Headcount can effectively analyze people flow to make reasonable decisions and allocate resources reasonably to enhance commercial competitiveness.

Smart Scene Switch S-S-01
Smart Scene Switch SSS-01
Smart Remote Controller RC-01