SINO 3 Axis Digital Readout System

Quick Details:

Place of Origin: China.Brand: SINOModel Number: SDS6-3V
Product: DROInput Frequency: 5MHzAxis: Three axis

DRO SDS6-3V is multifunctional 3-coordinate numerical display gauge. By different machine tool, this gauge can switch to corresponding function just by changing the parameters. It is provided with many graphic machining functions, including: R-arc function, equal-division function, bevel machining function and diagonal boring function for milling machine; EDM function for spark tester; tool library and taper measuring function for lathe. With these functions, it can largely reduce the difficulty up graphic machining. The available input frequency of DRO is up to 5MHZ with A/B, it is also advanced in the world, and it's the first manufactory who employs 16 and 32 bits calculator in DRO system in China.
Basic Functions:
200 Points Auxiliary Zero Position Function
Mid-split Function
mm/inch Conversion Display
Radius/Diameter Switch Display
Segmented Error Compensation
Linear Error Compensation
Power Interruption Memory
Sleep Switch
Mathematics calculation
RS-232-C ineterface (option)
Machining Functions:
PCD circumferential division (Applicable to milling machine and spark tester)
Involute chamber machining function (Applicable to milling machine)
Bevel machining/Angular Surface Processing (Applicable to milling machine)
N3 function (Applicable to milling machine)
Diagonal boring (Applicable to milling machine)
R-arc function (Applicable to milling machine)
Tool Diameter Compensation (Applicable to milling machine)
Taper measuring function (Applicable to lathe)
200-tool library (Applicable to lathe)
Anti-dithering function (Applicable to grinding machine)
(EDM)Matching Output Function (Applicable to EDM, option)