Linear Scales

Quick Details:

Place of Origin: ChinaBrand: SINOMODEL Number: DRO KA Series
Product: DRO Scaling Distance: 0.02 mmResolution: 5um, 1 um, 0.5 um
Measureing Range: 50 ~ 3000 mm Interface: TTLs or EIA-422-ACable Length:3m standard

The KA series linear encoder based on the condition of optimized strcture and guaranteed precision. The series encoder includes KA-300,KA-600, KA-500, and KA-200, which can meet the requirements in different applicaitons.
Basic Functions:
KA-300 is a type of encoder with wide applications. It features in optimal structure, good appearance and high rigidity, able to meet the needs of the majority of general machines users. The length is 70 ~ 1020 mm.
KA-600 encoder, which is specifically designed for large machine tool, features in large size and good robustness, able to meet the needs of majority of gerneal machine users. The length is 70 ~ 1020MM.
KA-500 is a mini-encoder specially designed for the machine tools which have a low installation size and small operation space. It can meet the need of those customers who have requirements in size. The length is 70~470mm.
KA - 200, a mini-encoder smaller thank KA-500, is designed based on KA-500 by optimising the internal and external structure. It is suitbable to the equipment on which the installation is restricted and space is essential. The length is 30 -360mm.

Technical Parameter:
scaling distance: 0.02 mm ( 50 lines / mm )
Resolution: 5 um, 1 um, 0.5 um
Preciosion:Plus/minus (3, 5, 15)um/m @ (20 plus/min 0.1'c)
Measureing Range: 30 ~ 3000 mm
Moving Speed:High-speed encoder: 120 m/min
Ordinary encoder: 60m/min
Power Supply:5 Volts plus minus 5%, 80 mA
Cable length: standard 3m
working Temperture:0 ~ 45'C