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The Digital Readout systems is able to turn those old school mechanical scale into digital signal and display on the digital readout display unit. The whole digital readout system provides a cost efficient and measurement exactness to whom would like to update the old machinery to modern standard with the lowest cost.

The SINO digital read out system has very high quality and precision among the similar system on the market.. 

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Ip - Plug 


What is Ip - PLUG Computer?

A plug computer is a standalone device acting as compact computer server, often configured for use of SOHO network. It consists of a (solid state) hard disk, along with control software and several ports (USB ports, ...).  It is suitable for running a media server, back-up services, file sharing and remote access functions, such devices can be used as a bridge between in-home protocols such as Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) and Server Message Block (SMB) and cloud based services.

Thin client

Thin Client

The AK1100 thin client is a small scale computer for networks with a client-server architecture that transfers basic processes to a remote server. The thin client is designed to replace more expensive personal computers, set up remote access and foster user cooperation, as well as provide additional safety guarantees.